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Our diy bracelet ideas are all about a fresh type of bracelet- rope bracelet with anchor clasp. The bracelet is fastened with cool anchor clasp so that you can put it on as well as take it off wherever at any time.
Among mass of diy bracelet ideas, some pendants are working perfectly at being both a decorative object and an excellent closure, such as an anchor charm. At the first sight I found them at my finding box and the idea come up immediately. In this post, I will present you my rope bracelet with anchor clasp.


  • How to make a rope bracelet. A Rope Bracelet With Anchor Clasp  - Step 1
    Step 1

    Step1: preparation

    1. Cut 4 long strands and 1 relatively shorter of your string;

    2. Fold all of them in half for 8 strips of working ends;

    Step2: braid the loop of closure

    1. Feed the anchor into the folded locations. Test and decide the size of loop that allows the anchor clasp being passed through smoothly;

    2. Take the two shorter ends (white) to tie up the rest ends into a bunch, with several half hitches. Keep working the knots until cover the necessary length for the loop;

    3. Fasten the two ends of shorter cord and you are now able to plait the next part.

  • How to make a rope bracelet. A Rope Bracelet With Anchor Clasp  - Step 2
    Step 2

    Step3: plait the main part of bracelet

    1. In my rope bracelet with anchor clasp, I make main part of it a famous macrame pattern with eight cord strings;

    2. When that reached your desired length, stop to deal with the closure again.

    Step4: complement entire bracelet

    1. Back to the starting loop and test it to ensure that can fit your anchor charm again before securing with a sliding knot. Once finished all necessary processes, trim off excess parts of your ends. Melt and fusion by a lighter;
    2. To the other side, pick up half of working ends and thread them through the jumpring at the bottom of anchor charm. Work another sliding knot to secure in same way.

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