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In case you ran out of ideas yourself
I thought it was about getting time to replace my pink flowered cushions with self embroidered ones. I didn't want to make too ordinary designs so I made

a flail - a medieval weapon,
a treasure map with Nessie (who's a bit lost :P ),
a Lucanus cervus, constellations: Cassiopeia, Perseus, Cepheus, Camelopardalis, Lacerta, Cygnus, Lyra, Vulpecula, Sagitta, Dolphinus, Equuleus,
my favorite quote of The Pierces' song 'We Are Stars',
and the molecule of one of my favorite foods: Butter.

The flail and map are my own drawings, the others are traced. For letters I'd recommend to punch holes in your drawing, place it on the fabric and trace the holes with a black fine liner.

Posted by Hella from Rotterdam, South Holland, The Netherlands • Published See Hella's 60 projects »

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