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Upcycling is a lovely way to transform unwanted items and materials into something you could use and love. It’s a eco friendly hobby that anyone can try. You have nothing to lose so what are you waiting for?

Let's take a look at 10 upcycling ideas you can try at home...


Old wooden ladders can easily be transformed into loads of things. Towel hangers, magazine racks, frames and shelves are all relatively simple to build in hardly anytime. Upcycling wooden ladders will make your home look rustic and creative. Metal ladders will will create a industrial look that might be perfect for a teenager’s bedroom.

2.Picture Frames

Don't discard those broken, dusty, old frames anymore. A plethora of ideas from key hooks to jewelry draws can be made from old frames. Add wire mesh to the centre of a frame(https://www.wirefence.co.uk/) to hang polaroid photos on to remind you of special times.

3.Wooden Pallets

The most attractive of the upcycling materials, the pallet is versatile and easy to use. A waxed pallet coffee table can sell for hundreds of pounds in furniture shops. One could be yours for the price of some nails and furniture wax. Other items such as beds and patio furniture can be crafted following online tutorials.

4. Snowboards

An urban style bench can be made from an old snowboard. The imagery on the base of the board would look great in a new restaurant or a child’s room. Other ideas include swings and shelves.

5. Clothes Hangers

Saving old hangers means you’ll have plenty of tools to make many improvements to your home. You could create a wire hat rack and stand or rustic towel hooks. You won't look at hangers the same again!

6. Doors

There’s so much wood in a door it's a total shame when people throw them away. You can build mirror frames and expensive looking shelves once treated correctly.

7. Chopping Boards
A old chopping board can transform itself into a kitchen notice board or a fabulous canvas for painting. You could use it as a clipboard or reinvent it as a sign. Think carefully about things you usually throw away and imagine it as something new.

8. Old Furniture

Repainting in a bold colour and sanding down old furniture can make it feel brand new. Reupholstering a chair or sofa will create the same effect too.

9. Crates

Wooden or plastic, crates can be used for lots of reinventions. You’ll find these at shops and stall. If you ask politely you should be able to acquire some from the owners. Storage units, wall dividers and bedside tables are all achievable with a bit of time and effort.

10. Crutches

Old style wooden crutches can be found in vintage shops, car boot sales and internet sources. Interesting ideas such as shelving units and fences can all be constructed from these redundant objects.

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