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Love Acrylics

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Our #BookOfTheWeek is Love Acrylics by Courtney Burden. Meet Courtney, #win a copy from Search Press and learn how-to paint Polka Dot Pop Art.

Hey there! I’m Courtney and I am an artist and blogger located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I’m a former elementary school art teacher and have been sharing my creative projects online for the last decade. Being a former art teacher I feel like I am a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ when it comes to art, but acrylic painting is by far my favorite and what I do and share the most of.

Hello! I'm Katy. I'm an artist AND I'm a life coach for artists. I'm so passionate about connecting with people through my work. I strive to create an unforgettable experience for them when they view it. I'm also very passionate about coaching and self-improvement. My second passion saved my first <3. I struggled with procrastination, anxiety, and fear around my art so much that I gave up on being an artist in 2016. I discovered coaching and found my way back and now having the most incredible relationship with my work than ever before.

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA • Visit Website »

Come behind the scenes at The Hungary Buddha Eats the World for a #CraftRoomTour and see Chrissy's den in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

My den really shows my personality, with color and travel mementos and a little bit of whimsy . In college, my room was plastered with posters and pictures and flags and anything, and they took up every inch of wall space! I never carried that aesthetic into my adult living spaces because it just seemed a little childish. With this room, since it's dedicated creative space, I've given it more leeway than the rest of the house. It's really turned out to be my happy place!

Learn how-to cream contour in #TechniqueTuesday with Megan from Altogether Beautiful.

Come behind the scenes at CSLdesigns for a #CraftRoomTour and see Christina's craft room in her lounge.

I love that I feel comfortable and happy.

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Watercolour with Love

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Our #BookOfTheWeek is Watercolour with Love by Lena Yokota-Barth. We chat to Lena, give you a chance to win the book from Search Press and learn how-to paint a Tropical Wreath Watercolour.

Hey, my Name is Lena and I'm an japanese-german illustrator and surface pattern designer based in Germany. During my parental leave I rediscovered my love for watercolor and couldn't stop creating since then. I spent every free minute (mainly in the late evenings) working hard for my two watercolor books (Watercolour with Love and Handlettering & Watercolor) as well as for some other projects for the homedecor and greeting card industry which will launch this year. It is also the year when I turned my passion into a job and set my focus on surface pattern design and licensing.

We're making treats for Fathers Day with Demijohn Rum Liqueur in #TestKitchen and showing you how-to bake Spiced Rum Canelé and a Chocolate Rum Cake for your Dad.

175 14th Street, Astoria, OR, USA • Visit Website »

Make Caramel Sauce & Fudge Sauce in #ABiteToEat with Frite & Scoop in Astoria, Oregon.

Come behind the scenes at Honeybear Lane for a #CraftRoomTour and see Heidi's craft room in Utah.

I love that everything is colorful

Recreate Magnus Bane’s apartment from Shadow Hunters in #DIYTheRoom with Libby.

'I have been watching Shadow hunters on Netflix for a while and the idea of the shadow world intrigues me. What I really like about the show is the mixture of the old with the modern. Magnus Bane’s apartment may not be ultra-modern but it is very height of luxury and elegance. Every item seems to have a story behind it, which I’m sure it would if you’d been collecting things for centuries! I’d love to emulate his rustic opulent look in my own home.

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