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Leicester Square, London, UK WC2H 7LQ • Visit Website »

We're back at the BFI London Film Festival, where we're trying to guess whodunnit at the premiere of new murder mystery Knives Out.

Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India • Visit Website »

Come over to GM_Creations for a #CraftRoomTour and see Gitanjali's craft room in Bhubaneswar, India.

I love to see all my craft materials in organised manner.

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Mabel Bunny & Co.

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Our #BookOfTheWeek is Mabel Bunny & Co. by Claire Gelder. Read our interview with Claire, learn how-to crochet an Octopus and win a copy of the book from Search Press.

My name is Claire and I am the MD of Wool Couture Company. In 2015 I left my career in the NHS and later in 2016 launched Wool Couture. We specialise in manufacturing Great British Craft Kits in knitting, weaving, crochet and macrame. Last year we started working with Search Press on our new book Mabel Bunny and Co.

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We head to Belgium to meet #FeaturedMember Riechan who loves all things Japanese.

How did you find CO+K and why did you join?

While searching for crafts to make. It looked like a fun website. But it has been so so long ago so I can't really remember. I think it has been 10 years.

What projects are you currently working on?

Too many. I am sewing new liners for our new guinea pig cage my boyfriend made. It's huge so that's going to be a tough one. Besides that I am also following a workshop where I am making a hat! It's been fun and I hope I can make a lovely hat for me to actually wear. And I am also etching a glass as a Christmas present for a friend of mine.

Londonderry, NH, USA • Visit Website »

Come behind the scenes at Sleepy Eyes Knits for a #CraftRoomTour and see Gina's blue room in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

My favorite thing about my lovely craft space is how light and bright the room is and how every splendid item in the room makes me smile :)

56 Peckham Rye, London, SE15 4JR • Visit Website »

Mix a Muzuki Yuzuki, Lazy Sumac, Punchy McPunchface and Twisted Pornstar cocktail in #ABiteToEat with BATCH in Peckham Rye, London.

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We head to Londonderry to meet #FeaturedMember GinaHouse who loves watercolor and knitting!

How did you find CO+K and why did you join?

I got an email from an amazing crafter recommending that I join this website. I always love joining new groups and finding new ways to spread the love of crafting!

What projects are you currently working on?

I'm currently working on two projects:

1. The Weekender Sweater in Knit Picks Comfy (coffee color) - such a fun and awesome knit. This is my second one!

2. A special new scarf design that I'm designing along with my daughter, Rose. I hope I'll be able to share it in a few months :D

16 Denman St, Soho, London W1D 7DY • Visit Website »

We're at the theatre for #CraftInTheCity being inspired by Death Of A Salesman at London's Piccadilly Theatre.


Address: Piccadilly Theatre
Website: https://www.thepiccadillytheatre.com/death-of-a-salesman
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