Dalston Mill Fabrics

Our Sidekicks are getting creative with Dalston Mill Fabrics in #CraftTest and sewing a V Shaped Pillow, Tropical Tablecloth, Pencil Skirt and Footstool Refashion for you to make at home!

Pencil Skirt by Hannah

The fabric was perfect for this project that I had in mind for a little while, would be great for the home too, for cushions or even would make a nice bag. Lovely floral print too.

Tropical Tablecloth by Cat

I'm really inspired by pink & green decor this summer and wanted to create a tropical inspired table. When I spotted the Tropical Toucan print from Dalston Mill Fabrics, I knew it would look perfect as a tablecloth combined with dusty pink table runners.

Footstool Refashion by Libby

I choose this fabric as I really liked the bumblebee print. I also liked the fact that the bees look hand-painted and the natural look of the background fabric.

V Shaped Pillow Cover by Tabatha

The fabric is absolutely perfect for this kind of project. It's good quality and feels hard wearing. Some upholstery fabrics feel coarse and so are uncomfortable to lean on, but this one is smooth and soft. And obviously, I love the bees - the reason I chose it in the first place!

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