Create the perfect family Christmas in #DIYTheParty with Beth.

Christmas is big in my family. It is the only holiday where we are all together and can celebrate as a family. Every year Mum makes a massive turkey and ham with roast vegetables, greens and gravy, despite it usually being 35oC. Dessert always consists of homemade plum pudding made and hung the month before by myself and Mum and trifle. As it is our big holiday, we have some traditions that simply must be followed each and every year, such as Grandpa carving the roast, my sister and I setting the table and laying the buffet, and everyone wearing the item of choice for the year, last year it was stripy red socks, the year before, woolen scarves. So the following are all items that are necessary for our Christmas party to take place and for it to be the foundation for great memories to be made.

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