Vial Terrarium Kit from Makers Kit

Our Sidekicks are getting creative with Vial Terrarium Kits from Makers Kit for this week's #CraftTest and making a range of vial projects for you to recreate at home!

Terrarium Necklace by Vanessa

I really liked how this kit had such great variety which allowed you to experiment with the different mosses to create your own unique terrarium.

Vial Terrarium by Ashley

This was so simple and fun! I would have liked more variety in what it came with, but I can go out in nature and find more!

Diy Vial Terrarium by Samantha

I absolutely LOVED them, they were simple and easy to make, super cute and stylish. The kit included more than enough supplies to fill all three terrariums and the best part is there is no need to care for the mosses they are dormant. Which is perfect for someone like me who doesn't have a green thumb.

Vial Terrarium by Ashi

The simplicity of it all, made it seem as though anyone can make it. Super easy and fun!

Seahorse Terrarium Necklace by Cat

The vials are so versatile - I loved thinking up fun ways to make mine a little different!

Tiny Plant Terrariums by Anna

I like this kit because all the materials are included, i like that there are three different sizes of glass bottles. Its fun its a nice little craft for a individual or for a family.

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