Dream Catcher Kit from Makers Kit

Our Sidekicks are getting creative with a Dream Catcher Kit from Makers Kit for today's #CraftTest and creating a range of designs for you to try at home.

Dream Catcher by Ashley

This kit was so much fun! While I have never made a dream catcher before, I enjoyed not having instructions on what to do because it allowed me to be creative! I could've looked up a tutorial, but I wanted to do my own thing. It was fun stepping out of my comfort zone!

Diy Dream Catcher by Samantha

I had fun making it, almost as much fun as I did learning how to make a Dream Catcher, I never realized how much work actually goes into them. No wonder the cost so much its not easy keeping the tension on the twine and once you decided to add beads it gets a little difficult but i managed to figure it out and make what I think is a very pretty dream catcher that is already hanging on the wall over my bed.

Dream Catcher by Ashi

Another great DIY from Makerskit, a dream catcher to help you have wonderful dreams and get those nightmares aways.

Flower Wreath Catcher by Cat

The kit was so easy to follow that my catcher was made in no time, meaning I could get creative and give my one a unique summer twist.

Dream Catcher by Anna

I like this kit because it has all the materials in one spot, it has a good tutorial with it.

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