We're testing out a Message Rolling Pin and BBQ Stamp from Luckies in today's #CraftTest and cooking a Black & Blue Burger, BBQ Halloumi Salad and Pop Tart Cookies for you to try at home.

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Black & Blue Burgers

Inspired by the Black & Blue brand on the BBQ Stamp from Luckies, this black bean and blue cheese burger is stuffed with sweet potato and topped with red onion chutney, basil and apple.

Pop Tart Cookies

Embossed with bite me on the back from Luckies Message Rolling Pin, you've got the perfect excuse to enjoy pop tarts all day long!

BBQ Halloumi Salad

Why should meat eaters have all the fun? This BBQ salad s topped with branded halloumi and tastes so good that you won't miss the meat.

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