Dremel Home Décor Kit Craft Test & Giveaway

We're testing out the Dremel Home Decor Kit in this week's Craft Test. The kit includes the Dremel Engraver and a Glue Gun 930, opening up a world of possibilities for getting crafty at home. We've got two Dremel Home Decor Kits up for grabs for our readers in the UK and all you have to do is click below to enter!

You can pick up your own Dremel Home Decor Kit from Dremel Direct or the Tool Shop.

Etched Dandelion Votive

Transform an old jar into an etched dandelion candle holder. This is a fun and quick project, that's great for beginners as the design is easy to work with and forgiving of mistakes.

Snowflake Masquerade

These snowflake masks will add a touch of sparkle to any winter party. They're really easy to make - just load up your Dremel glue gun with sparkly glitter glue and get started!

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Cindy L.
Cindy L.
I love to craft every chance I get!!!Please let me test out some stuff!!!lol
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