Liz from Liquid Jelly recreates Alexa Chung's evil eye nail art and gives her an edgy feminine manicure:

I love how Alexa Chung's style is both laid back and chic at the same time. It looks effortless because of how well each piece works with each other. And while her outfits look relaxed, they still look refined.

Classic Look

After browsing through several of her manis, I noticed her nail art follows the same vibe as her outfits. Simple, but with a touch of whimsy. This evil eye nail art is one of her more well-known manicures. It pairs a neutral base with a striking eye design. It looks complex, but it's very easy to recreate. With proper tools, even nail art beginners should find this easy enough to do.


I browsed through several of her nail art manis and noticed a common trait. Neutral/light bases with a small/simple design repeated across the nails. Generally the designs were more whimsical: daisies, lady bugs, mushrooms, candy skulls.

For her makeover mani, I stuck with light base colors but added bold designs in black to make them pop. Instead of repeating one design, I did two different ones on just two of the nails. As a result, the designs feel edgier and more pronounced. I still wanted it to look refined, so the soft colors and pearls really help to balance out the black.

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