Serena from A loser like me recreates the make-up of Katy Perry in her This Is How We Do music video and gives her a grunge makeover.

Katy Perry is probably my favourite Hollywood Star right now, she's funny and sexy at the same time, she's edgy and cute.. I love her style cause it just reflects these characteristics at the same time! I'd love to give her a makeover cause she's such a chameleonic woman, she's rocked every single look you could possibly imagine: she's a california girl, she can roar like a lion and cast a perfect storm and her love is extraterrestrial. So the real challenge was to find something not too sophisticated that everyone could recreate and wear but that I hope she would still appreciate and like.

Classic Look

The looks I love the most are the ones that she rocks on any red carpet : she's always so elegant but her amazing "unicorn hair" always gives her that touch of "edgyness" and "rock" to any look! And she's actually the one who inspired me to dye my own hair blue so...her hair will always be my favourite part of any of her looks!


This makeover is all about the eyes, it's a grungy makeup look that's gonna look awesome on anyone and I think it's appropriate for her since she has lived as a teenager during the nineties, which are the years that inspired the "grunge" movement in music, fashion and makeup. I thi

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