KatieAlves recreates the colourful makeup of Katy Perry and gives her a makeover inspired by her Roar music video.

I love how fun and colourful Katy Perry's style can be. Seeing some of her outfits from her tours is jaw dropping sometimes. The creativity is amazing! It's interesting to see how many different styles she can pull off. She's got her crazy, colourful side with cupcakes and candies. Then she can have a super glamorous look then switch it up and go dark, punky and gothic. It's always a surprise with her! Katy Perry's style is quite similar to mine. So doing a makeup for her would be amazing. I feel like she would be up for just about anything. She wouldn't be too shy to wear something absolutely out of this world, which is something a makeup artist always dreams of!

Classic Look

Katy Perry's classic style is beautiful. Fun, sparkly and eye catching. It was a lot of fun recreating her look from the California Gurls music video.


For the makeup I wanted to give her, I kept that eye catching sparkly theme and added a bit more colour. It's themed towards her Roar music video. It's super fun and colourful, to match her style.

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