The New York Times: 36 Hours is a fantastic travel book with ideas and trips to fill 150 Weekends in the USA and Canada.

Somtimes traditional guidebooks can add more hassle to planning. Overwhealming the reader with a huge list of attractions and restaurants in tiny print, it can be hard to decide what to do and in which order. 36 Hours seems like the perfect solution to this.

The book features 150 different destinations across the USA and Canada (larger cities are divided into districts). In each, the writer has provided an itinerary for an overnight stay, adding up to roughly 36 hours. Instead of just listing what's available, you join the author on their ideal trip - knowing that traveling between destinations (and somewhere to eat nearby) has been taken into account. Even better, the book tends towards more unusual and unique sights, without spending time explaining the obvious tourist spots.

The mix of destinations ranges from city trips (New York contains 5 trips - one for each borough) to the Grand Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Alaska and Honolulu. Each section (around 4 pages) contains photos, maps and relevant information about 10-12 attractions.

36 Hours is not only practical, but an inspiring way to plan your next trip!

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