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Seal it with more than a kiss with Pushing The Envelope by Marthe Le Van. Seal that letter, note or greetings card with oodles and oodles of creativity.

This book encourages you to "go beyond commonly accepted boundaries" when it comes to papercraft and is filled with dozens of techniques and step-by-step tutorials for creating a wide range of unique envelopes and packaging. Create a heart-shaped Be Mine envelope, a stitched Paper Exchange plastic wallet, adorable Teeny Tags, an embellished Loose Leaf tea bag and a Pop-Up Culture envelope.

With customization and personality that extends beyond the contents of the envelope, send it in style with your own DIY packaging.

Check out a sample project from the book, Loose Leaf Tea Bag.

You can pick up a copy of the book now from The GMC Group.

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Here's an adorable pattern for crocheting your own little kiwi bird.

Check out the pattern from Gnat On The Windshield.

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While it's still cold outside, warm up with this delicious red lentil and chickpea stew.

Check out the recipe from Pink Of Perfection.

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Upcycle unwanted magazine pages in to super useful little bowls.

Check out the how-to from A Little Hut.

Pixels are almost too small to notice on a computer screen but artists across the globe have been giving them the recognition they deserve and using their simplistic concept to create 1 x 1: Pixel-Based Illustration & Design.

This colourful book showcases hundreds of pixel-inspired artworks, from real-life interpretations to computer-created designs. Pieces include geeky avatars, buildings where lit windows create pixel-like images, cross-stitched crafts, computer games, fonts and patterns. The book comes complete with a CD filled with pixel-based music to listen to while your browse.

A fantastic title for geeks everywhere, this book will inpsire you to view those tiny pixels that make up your desktop with new eyes.

You can pick up a copy of the book from Mark Batty Publisher now.

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These homemade truffles look delicious and would make a great Mother's Day present.

Check out the recipe from So Arty.

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Wendy Mullin's SEW U book series has been teaching crafters everywhere to make their own clothes and with her latest title, Built By Wendy Dresses, you will learn how to sew a range of perfectly fitting and fashionable frocks.

The book teaches you everything you need to know about dressmaking, from working with your body shape and pattern cutting to selecting the perfect fabric and selecting the correct stitches. Including 3 complete patterns, you will be able to make dozens of dresses in a range of styles, including a Capri Sundress, Palm Beach Tunic, About A Boy shirt dress, a cute Valentine Dress and a nautical inspired Hello, Sailor! dress.

Get dressed up with your own couture and create a wardrobe full of perfectly tailored dressed. You'll never need to be seen in the same outfit more than once!

You can pick up a copy of the book now from Random House.

Here is our pick of some of the best projects on CO+K last week:

Cook up some apricot french toast, crochet some olympic rings and a chicken, turn an alcohol bottle in to a lamp, bind a woven accordion book, sew a panda hoodie, fold an origami cube and origami stars, decoupage a shabby chic clock, mould a tentacle box and watermelon clay cane, turn a cotton reel and button in to a stamper, sew a sweet lace camisole and sun shaped baby rattle, turn a film strip in to a bow, construct a pill box hat turn a dog food bag in to a tote, sew a butterfly pillow and some inchies ATC cards, and knit a ridged dish cloth.

Get soft and silky legs for spring with this homemade sugar scrub.

Check out the recipe from Petit Elefant.

Enjoy... some coca-cola cupcakes!

Check out the from 52 Cupcakes.


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