Lately I have spending most of my time online looking at some of my favorite shops (while also looking for new shops to consider to be added to my list of favorite shops). That is when I found SassyNpunk. SassyNpunk is shop run by Leyla who makes tons of cute handmade goodies! Her shop carries handmade jewelry, hair accersiories, makeup, purses, and more! When I found out about her sailor moon collection I was so excited! I watched almost all of the sailor moon episodes over the summer and loved every moment I got to watch the show. My favorite sailor scout was sailor Jupiter but SassyNpunk has not come out with a sailor Jupiter piece yet. I can't wait in till they do though! She also has a wide selection of handmade saniro related items that feature hello kitty and even Little Twin stars! Her little twin star items are amazing and so creative! When I first discovered her shop I was surprised at how affordable her items were! I recommend you check out SassyNpunk! you can check out her shop here.

 Some of the items you can find at SassyNpunk:  







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