This site isn't very user-friendly! It took me FOREVER to figure out how to post a blog entry! And the only way I figured it out was because I looked on the forum board! Eesh. LOL

Also, is there some sort of site notification system (other than emails) that will take you to the comment or message you recieve? Because it is rather inconvenient that I check my email on my phone, then when I log into CO+K from my laptop, I forget that I have new comments because it doesn't tell me when I log in. Lol. Anyways....

I'm not much of a blogger. Haven't ever been, no matter how much I'd love to be. My life just isn't all *that* interesting...yet. (As the mother of a 1 year old, I am expecting things to get a lot more interesting as she gets older! Goodness knows she is already a riot, but it's nothing to blog about) So that's that. Here I am. I'll try to post more often...though it's no fun if nobody reads it! ;)

I had a great weekend, though. Drinks and a movie (plus a bath) with the hubs on Friday night while my sister watched our little hellion. Then birthday parties practically all day Saturday, got my hair cut, then got home around 10:30. Hubs and I ate, and let the child stay up til midnight (she usually goes to bed between 10 and 10:30pm!). She didn't even take a bottle, though, when I finally laid her down, she was OUT!





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