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Sweet Eats by Rose Dunnington, claims to be "mmmore than just desserts" and with over 35 delicious looking recipes, there's sure to be a treat to satisfy every sweet tooth.

It was a hard book to review as flipping through the bright, colorful pages made my mouth water. The first recipes to catch my eye were the Polka Dot Devil's Cake, Extra-Nutty Peacan Tart and the Teeny, Tiny, Tasty Cakes. However, there's a wide range of desserts to experiment with, such as Green Tea & Honeydew Granita and a selection of specialties from across the globe, including Indian Rice Pudding and Baklava.

Whether looking for a grand finale to a dinner party or hoping to indulge yourself with a delicious treat, these tempting desserts are sure to do the job!

Pick up your copy from GMC Publications or Amazon now! Check out a sample project from the book, Plantain Ice Cream Split.




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