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Xion creates an awesome Super Mario themed party for #DIYTheParty

It's Nintendo's classic video game series, and whilst it's still nice to play solo, you can't beat the fun (and occasionally, frustration) that comes with playing competitively against friends.

Come behind the scenes at The Party Girl for a #CraftRoomTour and see Ashley's office & craft room.

My floral wallpaper. I am a complete girly girl (hence the pink walls!) and I'd been lusting after this peony wallpaper from Anthropologie for years, and when I moved into my own place it was the first thing I bought. No matter what I'm doing in here - working (I work from home so I'm in here all day) on projects or crafting for the blog - I have a great view that always cheers me up.

#DIYTheLook of Demi Lovato with Jessica Mix:

I love Demi Lovato songs and especially her first ones and her rock style that can be recreated with a classic black smokey eyes and a dark outfit based on a black jacket, leggings and high heels with details as studds,to rock her music on stage!

116 Crown St., New Haven, CT 06510 • Visit Website »

Mix a 116 Switchel, Póit Fix Up and Oakland Hipster cocktail in #ABiteToEat with 116 Crown in New Haven, Connecticut.

(Photography by Jimi Patterson).

1290 W 7th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon, United States • Visit Website »

Make Gramma Sweetie Pie’s Frozen Peanut Butter Pie in #ABiteToEat with Cornbread Cafe in Eugene, Oregon

Our sidekicks are getting creative with a variety of products from Canvas Corp in today's #CraftTest and making tutorials for you to try at home.

Want to win a $25 Canvas Corp voucher for yourself? Click below to enter:

Swindon, United Kingdom • Visit Website »

Sew a felt train & track playset in #AroundTheWorldIn80Crafts with Caz in Swindon, England.

Gunhild creates her dream Nordic inspired room for #DIYTheRoom

It is a rough nordic style look i have made. It is how alot of the nordic homes look like which is a minimalistic style with very clean decor and furnitures. I love the style because it is easy to style for your own personality.

St Joseph, MO, United States •

The city has a lot of history, basically having been settled since the Oregon trail. There are so many beautiful old buildings and French-named streets, which remind me of my hometown of Saint Louis but with a little bit of a dirty rough'n'tumble attitude. Still miss some of the more colourful points of Saint Louis but since there is a low cost-of-living you can get some amazing things for incredibly cheap.

Maladignia creates her dream Victorian steampunk inspired wedding for #DIYTheParty

A roleplay character of mine has been proposed to, so now we will need to plan and prepare a wedding. The setting we play in is Victorian/Steampunk setting so decorations, food and costumes need to be according to that 'theme'. My Muse is having a field day with all these lovely tutorials!

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