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  • Dress - DIY. The blue polycotton gingham fabric for the dress is from Etsy and self-drafted
  • Shoes - Memery
  • 18th Century Inspired Corset - DIY. Cotton canvas fabric from Stoff & Stil

Gingham Meets 18th Century

Create a Gingham Meets 18th Century dress with #DIYFashionista Moa from Scandinavian Abroad.

Check out Gingham Meets 18th Century on Cut Out + Keep

Host an Anime Party in #DIYTheParty with Joelle from js-m crafts.

I was introduced to all things Anime by my daughter. Our house is full of books, DVD’s , stuffed toys and all things anime from childhood to present day. We have had birthday parties with this theme, dress up and makeup sessions throughout the years. Two of my projects within the site are Anime themed.

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Hello Hexie!

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Our #BookOfTheWeek is Hello Hexie! by Sarah Shrimpton. Read our interview with Sarah, crochet a Star Blanket and #win the book from David & Charles.

Hi there! I’m Sarah, a Deputy Headteacher by day and a yarnaholic by night. I taught myself to crochet some years ago and started my blog as a way of recording my progress. From a simple beginning, it grew into a place where I published the patterns I designed and wrote about the yarn I was using. Today, I’m thrilled to have several books under my belt as well as designing regularly for the UK’s top crochet and craft magazines.

Put together the perfect Birthday Party Outfit for #DIYTheLook with Carla.

I have to attend my father-in-law's 90th birthday party, being held at his country club, in July. What to wear has been on my mind! So, this is the outfit I've pulled together, with that in mind. It must be something classy, beautiful, and easy to do, in a hotel room - and budget friendly, without me feeling under dressed. The single cocktail is so I go in with a relaxed, devil-may-care attitude - and it's the Bee's Knees!


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