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Come behind the scenes at Chinese Soul Food for a #KitchenTour and see Hsiao-Ching's kitchen in Seattle!

Our kitchen and dining room are combined. I love how the space is the keeper of so many family moments, traditions, and, of course, memories of so many meals.

Recreate the look of Tracee Ellis Ross in #DIYTheLook with Tiffany from Paper Michey.

What I love about Tracee is her fierce, elegant, vivacious personality and style to match. She always looks effortlessly put-together whether she’s dressed up or down. She is ultimate style goals. I created this look around her fabulous hair in addition to her love for statement jewels and a bold lip.

Join Gabriela Szulman for a #CraftRoomTour of her art studio in Camberwell, London.

My studio is totally self-contained and its size (50 m2) makes it possible for everything to have its place so that it never feels cluttered.

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Feminist Felties

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We chat to Missy, give you a chance to win the book and learn how-to sew a Rosie The Riveter coin purse.

By day I’m a corporate writer for an event production company and by night I’m chasing after a toddler and doing all that family life entails (there is also a pair of cats and a husband and a baby on the way). I’m the kind of person who always has to have some sort of project going on apart from anything (and everything) else—even if it means very late nights and very little sleep. I was born and raised and live in the northern/midwest United States and I really like the sort of wry and pragmatic adaptability of the area. There is a lot of practical crafting (quilting, crochet, knitwear) that is ingrained in the culture here. I love to read and garden and travel—or just run around outside to burn off steam. I also have the etsy shop: The Craft Subversive https://www.etsy.com/shop/CraftSubversive that I run as a hobby.

Sheila puts together the decor in #DIYTheRoom for her dream home.

've chosen things I would like to make for my own house. But only in my dreams, because my husband and i have very different tastes. Im all about colour and pattern and he isnt! I chose the crystal hanger because i love it and i do have things like this in my office/craft room. The boho ottoman is because my own is threadbare and needs to be replaced. The side tables would be perfect next to my armchair, which would be decorated with the cushions....again lots of colour and pattern. I bought some lovely carved oak dining chairs off Ebay but the have dull green velvet seats so I need to reupholster them. I am short so use a footdtool to reach high shelves al the time. The soap dish is for my husband to make. I bought him a carving and whittling set last Christmas and he's hardly used it! The desk organiser is for me. The fact that it has multiple layers is ideal because it gives more storage space and the thread organiser will stop my threads becoming tangled in my sewing box.

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Take a tour of London's Madame Tussauds in #CraftInTheCity and make your own waxwork candle inspired by our visit.


Address: Marylebone Rd, Marylebone, London NW1 5LR
Website: https://www.madametussauds.co.uk/

Come behind the scene sat LBG STUDIO for a #CraftRoomTour and see Vanessa's office and studio.

I'd have to say my favorite thing about my space is that it is a dedicated space. I attempted to learn to sew (and failed miserably) several times when I was younger but the amount of time I had to spend setting things up and putting them away each time was a big roadblock. It wasn't until I had this space where I could leave my machines, in progress projects, and messes out that things started to click for me. That and the light in the fall and winter! When the leaves have fallen off the trees I get an amazing amount of natural light in my room.

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Learn how-to sew knickers in #ShopShowcase with Flo-Jo Boutique in Bristol.

Recreate the bedroom of Jane Austen in #DIYTheRoom with Kristin from Perfectly DeStressed.

I am a lover of literary classics. Jane Austen is one of my most beloved authors. Her books are charming and witty. When I think of what her personal spaces would have looked like, I imagine them as being very romantic and fancy, full of floral whimsy and many books piled in baskets and stacked in misshapen piles. I picture a quaint room with dreamy character.

Create a boho fall look in #DIYTheLook with Pam from Pam Ash Designs.

Turquoise, fringe and embroidery, oh my! I chose a Boho look for the fall. What I love about this look is that it is artsy and at the same time relaxed, easy, and comfortable so you could get away with both dressy and casual! The shoes give the outfit a cute, snappy finish.

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    Thanks for sharing this Cat. I really enjoyed it. Some people I didn't recognise but some were very realistic. Would love to go there one day.Love
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    I will have to stop in when I'm in your town.