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Craft Projects using Leather

Top Projects

Burlesque Bustle Skirt
Bustle >

Burlesque Bustle Skirt

ruffle and bustle to your own leg-kickin' tune!!

♥ 3341
Leather Journal

Leather Journal

a journal for my sister-in-law

♥ 759
Cute Bat In Your Hair

Cute Bat In Your Hair

Make a cute hair bow with a bat shaped bow on it

♥ 737
Envelope Wallet

Envelope Wallet

A wallet that can find it's way back to you.

♥ 569
Mini Book Necklace

Mini Book Necklace

For all the book lovers and people who love miniature things!

♥ 348

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Leather Book Necklace

♥ 3
Diy Revamp: Personalise Your Cambridge Satchel With Gold Hardware

Personalise your leather satchel with gold hardware!

♥ 1
The Underbust Bolero

♥ 2
Skirt Hitches

Keep your skirt out of the mud, and show off those petticoats (or ankles!)

♥ 8
Underbust Harness In Leather

♥ 4
Leather Camera Case

♥ 2
Beaded Cuff

♥ 2
Leather Spats

♥ 4
Bolero Harness In Leather

♥ 7
Diy Geometric Coasters

No more unsightly drink rings!

♥ 2
Nerf Maverick Holster

♥ 1
Leather Roll Up For Brushes

♥ 0
How To Mitt

easy how to on making mittens

♥ 8
Made Dino

Dino Bag

♥ 5
Diy Leather Luggage Tag

make this no-sew luggage tag in less time than it takes to pack!

♥ 2
The Fox Bride Costume

♥ 2
Little Leather Moccasin Tutorial

Sew some Little Leather Moccasin

♥ 3
Alice Harness In Leather

♥ 1
Post Apocalyptic Costume

♥ 6
Necklace Of Buttons

♥ 0
Gunslinger Cuffs

A few Steampunk cuffs for your perusal :)

♥ 34
Steampunk Leather Bracers

♥ 4
Illusion Knot Bracelet

looks like a nautical knot, but it is not

♥ 37
Leather Goggles

♥ 8
Leather Holster

For costume use:)

♥ 16
Babydoll    Sucker Punch

♥ 11
Ribbon Kneehigh Garter

♥ 30
Heart Shaped Hair Clip

Show your hair some love

♥ 5
Manta Wolf Plushie   From Neil Gaiman's "The Ocean At The End Of The Lane"

Warning: grotesque teddy bear mutilation ahead!

♥ 7
Cloud And Rainbow Pendant Necklace

A summer storm inspired pendant!

♥ 22
Leather And Stud Bangle

The perfect rock chick bangle

♥ 2
Leather Tassel Handbag Charm

Perfect accessory for your handbag!

♥ 5
Mosaic Colored Diamond Pendant Necklace

In this diy necklace project, with colorful paints and a patch of leather, you are able to create a fantastic diamond pendant necklace! Just 3 steps and 10 minutes, have a try?

♥ 36
Duffel Handbag

♥ 10
Diy Steampunk Belt/Skirt

Simple steampunk belt skirt.

♥ 35
Beautiful Gothic Chokers

♥ 9
Leather Rose Ring

Make a rose ring from leather

♥ 4
The Best Wand You Can Find Or Diy

Make a Powerful Copper Wand, aka The Atlantean Power Rod

♥ 2
A Novel Necklace Design   Book Shaped Necklaces For Girlfriend

This book shaped necklaces for girlfriend project is an excellent choice for Valentine’s Day, her birthday and other celebration day necklace design.

♥ 19
Hand Crafted Jewelry   Diy Brooch Out Of Leather And Round Studs

Step-by-step instructions for a super sparkling heart-shape diy brooch; for those who always wanted to create their own hand crafted jewelry, this might be one of the stunning ideas.

♥ 8
Diy Anthro Inspired Necklace

$298.. so I made my own version of that necklace & mine worth $10 only..would you believe?

♥ 10
Diy Leather Earrings/Pendant

Make a set of Diy Leather Earrings or a Pendant

♥ 12
Neck Corset

♥ 12
Native American Head Dress

Native American head dress.

♥ 4
Tomb Raider Gun Holster

Easy to make gun holsters!

♥ 58
Buckskin Card Holder

soft expensive looking card holder

♥ 0
Plague Doctor Half Mask

♥ 3
Map Backpack

Perfect for anyone with insatiable wanderlust.

♥ 33
Bunting Necklace

Girls' Night in

♥ 20
Heart Pocket Cardigan

Up-cycle your cardigan!

♥ 27
Bondage Style Hood

♥ 2
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