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Book Crafts

Things to make using Books

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Floating Book Shelf

Floating Book Shelf

...or invisible shelf?

♥ 1252
Bleach Stencling With Doilies
Dyeing >

Bleach Stencling With Doilies

Who knew Grandma's doilies could make cool shirts?

♥ 307
Basic Paper Beads(Instructions)
Beads >

Basic Paper Beads(Instructions)

Cheat sheet anyone? :)

♥ 210
Romance Novel Wallet

Romance Novel Wallet

A great, silly use for all those old paperbacks.

♥ 189
Make A Little Monster Book.

Make A Little Monster Book.

how to make a little monster book from the movie harry potter.

♥ 175

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Vintage Book To Wallet

♥ 3
Recycled Book Planters

Convert old books into beautiful planters

♥ 28
Altered Journal

Old Book to Fun Journal

♥ 3
Death Note Notebook

♥ 2
Nook Book Cover

♥ 0
Steampunk Marveletta O'houlihan

A softie from a past that never was.

♥ 17
A Secret Book ^ ^

a old book to a secret book c:

♥ 5
Origami Promise Ring

♥ 2
Star Trek Combadge Earrings (Or Pin)

The perfect jewelry for galactic exploration

♥ 41
Dish Cloth Gift Wrapping

Wrap a cookbook using a dish cloth or tea towel for the perfect reusable gift wrap!

♥ 4
Mini Tp Journal

So simple and so fun!

♥ 2
Edgar Allan Poe Banner

♥ 1
Hollow Book

♥ 1
Recycled Book Planter Diy

Create an unusual and fun planter for a small succulent.

♥ 10
Monster Bookmarks


♥ 23
Diy Harry Potter Book Bag

A fun way to recycle your old books

♥ 15
Paper Rose Necklace

An amazing statement piece for your big event, either as a necklace or as a dress topper

♥ 18
Photo And Book Brooch

♥ 1
Earring Book

♥ 3
Book Clutch

♥ 8
How To Make Book Page Bird Nests With Glitter Eggs

Tiny bird's nests made from old book pages and filled with fun glittered eggs.

♥ 9
Magnetic Bookends

Made By Dad

♥ 24
Paris Book Impression

A good way to give an old book a 2nd Life :3

♥ 4
Book To Clutch

♥ 14
Diy Cupcake/Cake Stand

For when you're too cheap to spend the moolah on a store bought, unoriginal display...

♥ 4
Butterfly Bookpage Atc

♥ 4
Secret Book

a secret place for your treasures

♥ 4
Mrs. Darcys Jewelry

♥ 14
Horse Bookends

♥ 1
Easiest Project Ever

♥ 3
Recycled Book Paper Christmas Tree

Got a crappy old book that isn't even worth giving to charity? Craft with it!

♥ 12
Epic Harry Potter Present

♥ 28
Travel Photo Album

Keep a selection of favorite trip photos handy to share with others.

♥ 7
Halloween Book Project

This Tutorial can be used for any Halloween Books you want to make ... being a huge Totoro Fan I wanted to combine it with this big grey cutie.

♥ 6
Old School Backpack

♥ 0
Diy Mouse Pad

Make a new mouse pad to replace that old, worn out one!

♥ 9
Show Me Your Bones   Necklace

Im bad to the bones, whole world should see it. This one, Clavicle, is my favourite. First piece in my Perfectly Off Jewellery -line.

♥ 8
Himmeli Mobile

♥ 2
Book Origami: Dream

♥ 20
Tardis Hidden Book Box

Hollowed book box disguised as TARDIS

♥ 64
Book Clutch

How to make a book clutch

♥ 158
Colorbook Magnets

Take the coloring book to the fridge.

♥ 11
Book Purses

♥ 22
Paper Dress

♥ 28
Pinhole Spy Camera

How to make a pinhole camera that will fool most people into thinking it's an innocent, if eccentric, book.

♥ 18
Book Into Photo Frame

display your photography!

♥ 34
Personalize Notebook Journals

Express Yourself

♥ 9
Tablet Book Cover

Don't judge a book by it's cover!

♥ 13
Kindle Fire Cover

a quick diy kindle cover

♥ 7
Shabby Chic Bird Box

♥ 2
New Use For Book Covers

Cool use for book covers.

♥ 1
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