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Avg Portrait

♥ 1
Queen's Guard Felt Softie

Friendly little felt friend

♥ 8
Skirt Hitches

♥ 0
Tardis Purse

♥ 3
Easy And Forgiving Gray Men Scarf

This scarf will keep any friend warm and cosy during the winter.

♥ 0
L O V E ~ M A K E U P

♥ 5
Nautical Tie Dye Tee

♥ 1
Dip Dye Sweater

♥ 1
How To Decoupage
Desks >

A messy but fun way to decorate your funiture

♥ 2
Walking Dead Pillow

A gift for my auntie Mary on her birthday, Michonne and her zombie boyfriends

♥ 8
Little Red Tractor Cushion

For my Father in Law on his birthday

♥ 0
Tardis Mug

Let everyone know how much of a Whovian you are by creating a Doctor Who TARDIS mug!

♥ 21
Kursed Eve

♥ 8
Peach Circle Skirt

♥ 10
Bram Stroker's Dracula Whitby Harbour Inspired 3 D Window Painting Thing

Don't really know exactly what to call it. lol

♥ 0
Street Finds:Craft Drawer

I turn your useless crap into awesomeness!

♥ 4
Miniature Discordian Shrines

♥ 2
Polka Dot Shorts

Shorts that add a cute touch to an outfit.

♥ 23
Lacey Layers Dress

♥ 8
Vintage Inspired Apron

♥ 4
Purple Summer Skater Dress

Lovely summer dress - Skater style :)

♥ 95
Quick And Dirty Pincushion And Sewing Kit

Never be without the basics again!!!

♥ 0
Puzzle Pieces

♥ 2
Ratty Tatty Tu Tu

Perfect for any costume party!

♥ 2
Vintage Dress Upcycle

♥ 1
Paint A Chevron Pattern From Scratch

A way to easily create a chevron pattern on multiple surfaces. In this project I showcase fabric.

♥ 2
Doctor Who Bottle Cap Pendants!!!

Bottle cap pendants. these are Doctor Who but they can be anything you would like of course :)

♥ 7
Doctor Who Time Shirt

Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Whimey

♥ 6
Eyes Speak The Unspoken

♥ 1
Doctor Who Mirrior

Who wouldn't want to see themselves with the Doctor?!?!

♥ 3
Cut Felt Face Top
Tops >

Great way to use up your scraps of felt and beads/buttons

♥ 0
Classy Bow Ties

need some class? add a bow tie!

♥ 2
57 Top

♥ 1
Pizza Cake

Delicious Cake that looks like a delicious pepperoni pizza

♥ 3
Diy Pleated Skirt With Bow

A modern skirt with a unique hemline and is perfect for summer!

♥ 40
Upcycle Old Badges

♥ 5
Another Super Cool Easy Way To Recycle Toilet Tissue Paper Roll..!!

made this cool side bag hanger out of toilet tissue paper roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!

♥ 5
Flower Ball

♥ 3
Full Moon

♥ 2
Tin Candle Tea Light

heart and smiley face tea light

♥ 3
Lucky Dolls

I collect lucky dolls, so I bought stuff to make them by myself :)

♥ 4
Black And Gold Manicure With Stripes

retro cool manicure tutorial

♥ 1
Purple And Pretty Manicure

Pretty up them nails for summer

♥ 3
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