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Bowl made from pages from a Magazine

I saw many different version of these bowls and really wanted to try to make one.

I used an entire Cosmo magazine in the making of this bowl. All the items I used I had around the house.

I took a page from the magazine and folded it in half and then opened it up and brought the edges to the center and folded each size in again to make a nice 3/4"-ish strip. I coiled that strip and taped it together. I continued adding strips until I used almost the whole magazine.

Then I found a bowl in my cupboard and layed it upside-down. I placed my magazine bowl on top and formed it around my real bowl. I then took it outside and sprayed the outside and then inside of the magazine bowl with clear varnish. That didn't seem to give it enough hold, so I then made a water-glue wash and painted it on inside and out.

It makes a good candy bowl.

Mag Bowl...

Mag Bowl...

FAst and easy BirThday pREsenT!

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Magazine Bowl

Magazine Bowl

Recycle your unwanted magazines!

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Paper Bowl

Paper Bowl

spiral paper bowl

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Magazine Bowls

Magazine Bowls

Rolled magazine paper creates this bowl

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Mag Bowl :)

Mag Bowl :)

This bowl is perfect for holding all of your crafty creations.

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Magazine Bowl

Magazine Bowl

easy to make bowl out of magazine strips, idea by SarahPOOF

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Thomson G.
Thomson G.

its very nice

I May Be Rude But I'm The Truth
I May Be Rude But I'm The Truth · Torrington, Connecticut, us · 23 projects

I actually saw these being sold in a store! i thought they were so cool and wanted to try but i have not tryed yet


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