Snippets Issue 6 : The Fashion Issue

Beauty Tips

PinUp beauty tips from Poppy Von Tarte.

Beauty Tips

Poppy Von Tarte pin-up burlesque star

Make up:

One of my trade marks is my alabaster smooth skin. Born of good Celtic stock, my skin benefits from rarely being exposed to sunlight, when I make a daylight appearance parasols and veils are a must. I am also careful not to expose my tattoos to the sun. Two of my tattoos were inked by Louis Malloy. I think it's very important to pay for the best where body modification is concerned.

For shows less is definitely not more! Alluringly long eye lashes, big rouged lips, dark smoky eyes and glitter, glitter, glitter!


I love to use all different kinds of wigs and hair pieces for my shows. But my distinctive raven black hair, with poppy red streak is a consistent feature of my look.

Poppy Von Tarte pin-up burlesque star


I love my decadent costumes. I work with the fabulous costumer Magdalena Freeman. Where burlesque is concerned I would say the more outlandish the better! Finest feathers, an abundance of silks and lace nestled within a bustle all resurrect the glamour of a bygone era.

To find out more about Poppy Von Tarte, visit her myspace or check up to see when she will be performing next with her cabaret. (Photography courtesy of Loraine Ross & Claudia Hehr).


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