Snippets Issue 6 : The Fashion Issue

Fit For A King

Yunjung Choi's exploration of Royality through fashion and art.

Fit For A King

I remember the first time I met Queen Elizabeth in the late 1990s at an event to celebrate her visit to Seoul, in Korea. I always thought of her as a fairytale until I saw her. I think after that I always intrigued by Britain. Therefore the Queen and the royal family in Britain are of great interest to me. I've grown up in the capital city of Korea and I came to Duncan of Jordanstone Colleg of Art, Dundee to study Textiles Design. It was not an easy decision, but I was so excited and I don't get that excited about many big decisions.

I quite like old treasures. I would like to mix old things, like painting and vintage fabric with contemporary design and try to make something different. I have always been fascinated by the interior of historical building and palaces, i.e. Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace and Buckingham palace, as they tell stories of how things use to be. I intend to explore and uncover their history.

My designs were focused on my view of Britain, through looking at history, Royalty and also Britain as a part of Europe. I got the basic fabric idea from British chintz. My whole inspiration came from Bonnie Prince Charlie's image, the British rose and the use of the crest. My fabrics have modern, strong colours and contemporary pattern.

I enjoyed experimenting more with collage and different handcraft techniques, mixing different materials with print and stitch.

I have produced five male garments for my degree show. I adore men, they are such a wonderful inspiration for me. London men especially, are so fashionable and I love to work with them. I hope they can maintain this high standard.

I am now preparing for an exhibition in London commencing in July. And after that I guess I will go into fashion. I'm a control freak and I would be good at telling to people what to wear.

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