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Little Black Book Competition

Win yourself a copy of Nina Garcia's new book 'The Little Black Book Of Style'.

Little Black Book Competition

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The winners were: Wendy R, Ah-nuh-STAH-see-uh and Annie E. Congratulations!

Get fashionable this summer with Nina Garcia's new book 'The Little Black Book Of Style', where the Project Runway judge shares her style tips and advice. The book comes out on the 9th of September, but we've got 3 copies of the book to give away and to be in with your chance of winning, simply share your fashion tips with us below!

How To Enter:

Post a comment below with your top fashion tip! For example: 'Match the colour of your shoes with your handbag for a more coherent look!'


Alternatively, you can pre-order a copy from Taunton.


Fashion is something the world imposes on you. Style is something you impose on the world.
the best trend setters dress like thay own the world.
be you not a sheep.
Make your own clothes or buy them 2nd hand, it not only saves money and sweatshop workers it makes each thing you wear something that only you have.
Don't dress in something you are not comfortable in, or else you will not enjoy where you are at and who you are with.
for an elegant night make sure to add some nice bling not to much just a splash enough to have a sparkle and brighten up any room. ;) sIN
panty liners stuck in arms of shirts to prevent sweat stains (hey, we've had 107 degree with humidity here in the south)
When deciding on or against a big clothing purchase, divide the price by the amount of times you imagine yourself actually wearing the item. For example: $100 pair of jeans worn 75 times before falling apart = $1.33 per wear. If the price still seems extravagant, it's probably not the right item for you!
Wear whatever makes you feel happy! On a sad day, wear the happiest, smiley clothes you own. When none of it matches, that's when you'll feel best. And take note: big IS beautiful! Don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise, they're just jealous!!!
Set your own may be fun to follow the trends, but those bell-bottom jeans won't be in style forever! Find a fashion that fits you, and wear it pride. And hey, even if you do have a few fashion mistakes lying around, this is a craft website. Find something new to do with your old clothes.
it doesn't matter if you buy expensive designer clothes,
or cheap knock-offs. you'll look like a mess if you don't press! iron your clothes!
if you cannot shape it, DRAPE IT!
Don't be like the rest, make yourself unique. But don't overdo it. Wear accessories in moderation, too much can destroy a look. Wear clothes that fit and are comfortable. Who cares what people think! Thats my motto.
little splashes of color on a one colored outfit make you look come together. Bangles, earings, purses, with colors you can show hove vibrant and ready for the fashion world you are.
Invest in quality, well fitted underwear. A properly fitted bra will do wonders for your posture and won't show lines under your clothes (same goes for knickers).

And always be kind to your feet. Blisters and bandaids are no price to pay for pretty shoes.
NEVER match your earrings to your necklace - there's a reason you always see those matching sets on clearance at department stores. It is okay for them to complement each other, though!
Its not the clothes who make an outfit , its the person and the accessories , only ever match 2 of your accessories , so not to look 'OTT'. However if you do want to look 'OTT' dont match , clash the accessories with the colour your wearing .
Don't be overly trendy, add quirky elements to your wardrobe to create a unique style. Make people say, "that looks like something only ________ could pull off". And remember, accessories can make or break a look, so choose wisely.
Lift it up, Smooth it out. Pantyhose can be cut to ANY length, to wear under anything w/o showing!!! Do WONDERS for the impression you make when leaving a room!
Cheers. Sue `*>~
My mum was the most beautifully dressed woman ever (in my eyes anyway)She always wore dark on the bottom and light on the top.Never the other way...Do not dress for anyone other than yourself, be comfy, be confident ,always overdress for any occasion.
It should be about individuality...and knowing what suits you the best.
When in doubt, don't wear anything at all!
Note the current trends and try to follow but if you follow to close you wont get an edge of 'you' to your look. So add little details that fit you!
never take fashion to seriously mix funky prints and bold colors to get a fun and funky look
never take fashion seriously mix funky prints with bold colors to get a fun and funky look!
never take fashion seriously, mix patterns and bold colors to have a intersting and fun and funky look!
Wear something that is comfortable, and simple. You can never go wrong if your comfortable.

CO+K User
Confidence can pull off any look. Be bold and believe in your style.
Buy the most expensive classic garments you can afford and have them tailored to fit you correctly. You will look fabulous!
No matter what you wear,wear it with confidence. It makes all the difference
Only wear what you love. If it's the most fashionable, expensive piece of clothing ever, but you don't love it, it will wear you instead of vice versa.
Don't dress like a hoe.
Don't match too much.
Most of all, be yourself.
Unless you're a hoe, then back to rule 1.
I love wearing bright pink nail polish on my toes, but i keep in mind which sandals im wearing. luckly my favorite pair of sandals match most of my favorite outfits and dont clash so i can wear bright pink all summer long!
Fashion is about imagery; create a look that best expresses your true self, the colours that state your emotions, and those little accesories that represent those little querks in your personality that make you unique.
Always make an investment in the classics! A little black dress, tailored suit etc. Never splurge on the trends cuz they will be here today and gone tomorrow! Happy
Have a sense of humor about fashion. Go your own way.

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