Snippets Issue 6 : The Fashion Issue

Bla Bla Hospital

Curing the fashion sick in London and Japan.

Bla Bla Hospital

Nestled away in the heart of Camden Stables Market, Bla Bla Hospital nurses are sewing away to cure the fashion sick with their one off creations.

What is Bla Bla Hospital?
Blablahospital is the place where we cure fashion sickness with hand made unique cures. The hospital opened mysteriously in London around 6 years ago, but hasn't stayed in the same place very long. It could appear anywhere. Secret places. Corners.

Who works at the 'hospital'?
The head nurse runs the hospital. She designs and makes all of the clothes. We also have some probationary nurses and doctors that help the patients through the doors. They can also perform emergency surgery if the need arises.

Where did the inspiration for 'hospital fashion' come from?
Hospital equipment is usually seen as for fetishes, isn't it? We don't think so. We don't really care about that side of things. We care more about the precision of everything. Everything has a use and is necessary to treat patients. We have the same thinking. We have some equipment and we use it in every way possible to make individual treatments. Maybe the main inspiration is the ECG machine.

Where can people buy Bla Bla Hospital creations?
We have two walk-in surgeries: Unit 34c Camden Stables Market in London, is the original surgery which has been around for about 3 years now. We have just opened another surgery in Tokyo: Floor 6, 0101ONE Shinjuku, as part of the Kera shop. It's a very wild place! There are also some online shops selling our treatments, as well as some shops dotted around the world. You can find these via our website.

What advice and tips do you have for the fashion sick?
Don't worry! This is the most important thing. Fashion sickness is easy to cure. Just wear something that makes you feel like you can be king or queen of the whole world. We will help you!

How does the fashion in London compare to Japan?
Camden is such an exciting place. It has a great history of the more exciting side of dressing up, so the people I see there are usually very like-minded. This means that it has a good atmosphere, as everyone seems to dress up for fun. In Japan, dressing up is a very serious business, so while the clothes in Tokyo might be wilder, the attitude of freedom isn't as widespread. Each place is very important to me, but for completely different reasons, but I have noticed that people who like our treatments all seem to dream similar dreams. This is nice.

What does the future hold for Bla Bla Hospital?
We need to release BLABLAVIRUS. Once this has infected the world, we will treat everyone. Hehehehhehe. Get well soon! Get sick sooner!

Don't panic if you're feeling fashion sick, book an appointment with the nurses via their website.


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