Snippets Issue 18 : The Christmas Mini Issue

High Heeled Guide To Enlightenment

Kick off the new year in style with a copy of the book.

High Heeled Guide To Enlightenment

By Snippets


We've got 4 copies of Alice Grist's new book The High Heeled Guide To Enlightenment up for grabs. For your chance of winning, simply tell us what your New Year's Resolution will be below.

"The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment is the must have book for feisty females who are looking to connect to something other than their internet provider! Alice Grist jumps stilettos first into all things spiritual and conjures up an entertaining, witty and honest account of her search for Enlightenment."

Congratulations to our winners Cheryl B., ΘCINNAMON GIRLΘ™, harrylaa & PeppsGirl.

You can pick up a copy of the book from Amazon now and find out more about Alice on her Myspace.


I don't make one. But I have started working out and counting calories
my news years resolution is to stop making new years resolutions! In other words, just love myself for who I am, accept things I can't change, always strive to be the best person I can be, but don't put undue pressue on my self cause I'm human after all (well park human lol!)
mine are to live each day to the full, to make as many things as i can rather than buying them and finally to pass my driving test!
i'm gonna try harder to be positive, to help others more and be more open with people that i know and am close to

so just small ones ^^'
My resolution is art based! 1)start a crafting blog and 2)paint or draw something everyday and document it, and watch myself improve. :]
To meditate regularly, not just save it for when I'm feeling rubbish!
Wow!! A lot of members want this book. I don't know if I'm all that different from anyone else, but I would like to win it as well. I could use some enlightenment. Happy
I'm going to learn how to learn to how live with appendix cancer and by that I mean "really live" Happy Tired of being scared for the last six's time to take control of this beast because I RULE!!!'s just time to laugh again Happy
My new years resolution learn try to maintain a positive outlook on get into better habits instead of all the bad ones...and to simply try to love everyone regardless of who they are.
My new year's resolution is to write my first book, learn basic kanji, start drawing manga again, improve my college grades, and sew some awesome crafts!
My New Years Resolution will be to win this contest and get the book! It looks good. Happy
to dance more, to paint more, to do things on the spur of the moment and always try to have fun, also to get rid of negative influences on my life
My new years resolution is to complete last years resolutions. Happy
My new years resolution is a pretty big one. lol i want the common lose weight get in shape blah blah, but it want to do it to feel better about myself, my boyfriends friends make this hard on me.
i also want to try to be a calmer more excepting person this year. fight less with my boyfriend,and maybe finally get that ring out of him!
i also want to waste less money at the store by making as much as i can myself. my teacher to me once i had great talent but not the confidence i should. i really want to work on this too and stop letting amazing opportunities pass me by!
My new years resolution is to have a fresh start, and learn to be able to relax and enjoy life!

And adopt a pet Dalek.
My New Year's Resolutiion is to be more confident about my own craft inspirations and try something that is my own design.
My New Year's resolution is to get more confident in posting more projects here, even if i do mistakes in the spelling Happy
My new year's resolution is not to forget things. I usually have tons of ideas in my mind but i tend to forget stuff, not just my ideas, but things i have to do.
My New Year's resolution is to carry my sketch diary with me at all times so that I never forget any of the crafty ideas that pop into my head.
Probably my main new year's resolution is to drink more water, I get really dry skin and I apply lipbalm up to 8 times a day! And I'd love for my skin to be clearer!
My new years resolutions is to learn as much as possible and have fun doing it. I want to ace my classes, sew new clothes, learn to crochet, perfect my cooking skills (so i can cook my for my loving boyfriend and friends) and much more....!
My resolution is to stick to my new years resolution. Which will be this:

Be more positive, and love yourself!!
My resolution is to be able to start paying back my student loans on at least a semi-regular basis.
My New Year's resolution is to live my life like a video game.
My New Year's resolution will be to learn and preform better study habits. I will make school a higher priority than fun and work on doing work at a proper time before it's due.
My New Year's resolution is to carry a pen and moleskine notebook with me at all times to document the inspiration when it comes. Anything from lyrics and observations to drawings and diary entries.
My New Year's goals (or some of them, anyway), are to ace my classes, finally get around to posting some more of my original projects, revamp my wardrobe, get in shape, and come up with a business plan for selling my jewellery and/or other designs.
My new years goals are to have a cool and organized wardrobe, get my driver's liscence, and write for as many online publications as possible- including Snippets!
My new years resolution is to move on from the past, build confidence and be a happier person.
My resolution is to act upon my desires,wants, and needs without questioning and second guessing myself!!!
Happy 2010!
Im a stay-at home mom.. my resolution is to get out of the house more often Tongue
I usually just try to be a happier person every year.
Happy (almost) 2010 everyone!!

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