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Bib Necklace

Flower Ribbon Bib Necklace by Carasan

Bib Necklace

By Cassandra & Terri Rosenthal


Cassandra and I wanted to design something that anyone with basic sewing skills could make. We wanted to also design a piece that wouldn't cost you too much to make, but would look great and be all Carasan. We made ours in our studio, so we had lots of "stuff" to use with which to embellish the necklace. The one pictured should cost you $35.00 or less to make. It is made from items you can buy on sale, or better yet, recycle things you already have around your house.

Think outside of the box; this is just a guide for you to use - have fun and just go for it.

Things you will need.

  1. Print out the pattern we have provided for you.
  2. A ruler
  3. 10" x 10" piece of denim fabric; we used a piece of heavy black
  4. 10" x 10" interfacing, optional
  5. Pins
  6. Needles
  7. Thread in the colors of fabric and ribbon that you are using
  8. Wire ribbon, 1.5" x 36" long, or a yard, cut in half
  9. 1" ribbon, 36" long or a yard, cut in half.
  10. Beads or pearls, real or not. We used large hot pint round fresh water pearls.
  11. Medium & small shell buttons, or any buttons you want to use.
  12. Small glass beads.
  13. Small semi gem beads; we used Jade, or glass beads.
  14. Medium sized crystals
  15. Medium size sequins.
  16. A closure for the back.

Now get started:


Step 1:

Print pattern and layout the 10" x 10" fabric, fold it in half and pin the pattern to it.


Step 2:

At this point if you are using interfacing cut one. Trim off 1/2" of the edge as you do not want it to show once the necklace is finished.

Step 3:

Lay the top fabric out and play with the placement of your embellishments. Once you find what you like, take a photo so you can use that as a reference point if you like. Or just see in the images what we did and follow along with us.


Step 4:

Next you are going to make the 2 ribbon flowers. We used a double wire ribbon.


Step 5:

Cut the yard of ribbon in half. Fold over one edge and stitch it down to make sure it will not come out once you start to pull on the other side of the wire. Now that it is stitched in place, pull the other side until it is all ruffled. Roll it into a flower shape.


Step 6:

Stitch in place at center. Now you have a flower, repeat for the second one.


Step 7:

Now stitch these in place on fabric, only the front side.


Step 8:

Next, sew a shell in the center of each flower. Use a crystal in the center of the shell to finish the look.


Step 9:

Now that you have the flowers sewn down on the sides, and you have decided where you are placing the rest of your embellishments, start to sew them in place.


Step 10:

Remember, you are only sewing these down to the face of the necklace, not the back. See images for ideas on placement of embellishments.


Step 11:

At this point, if you are using interfacing, you want to lay it in between the top-face and back of fabric. Now pin all sides in place and sew the sides together. We used a blanket stitch, you can use whatever you like. Now that the sides are done and the neck ribbon is on, you can finish the embellishment of the sides. We used large hot pink, round freshwater pearls. You can use glass beads or whatever you want to finish the look. It is your necklace, it should reflect who you are.


Step 12:

Last, but not least, place the necklace around your neck. Decide how you want it to lay on you. Place a pin on each side of ribbon and cut off excess ribbon, leaving around a half an inch to turn under and sew down in place.


Step 13:

Now that you have that done, sew in place your clasp.


Step 14:

It is done, finished! and you can wear it out and stop everyone in their tracks. No one will have one like it, as you made this and it is all you; truly one of a kind!

It is done, finished! and you can wear it out and stop everyone in their tracks. No one will have one like it, as you made this and it is all you; truly one of a kind! If you made it like we did cool either way, you are a Carasan Girl Artistic, feminine, funky, and a free spirit. We would love to see your photos and we will post them on our Facebook page.

Have fun!
Terri & Cassandra of Carasan New York

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