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Beanies & Bobble Hats
If you’re looking for a touch of 1940s glamour, this turban-style beanie—which is so much easier to knit than you’d think at first glance—is the answer to your wishes. If you’ve never worked in reverse stockinette (stocking) stitch before, don’t panic; it’s only what’s usually called the “wrong side” of stockinette (stocking) stitch. I knitted this turban in a delicate eaude-nil shade, which I felt reflected the vintage look nicely, but it would also work beautifully in super-bright shades. And for a bit of added chic, pin a vintage gem to the band.

Rowan Pure Wool Worsted (100%
wool) worsted (Aran) yarn
1 x 3½ oz (100g) ball (219yd/200m) in
shade 137 Oxygen

Needles and equipment
US 7 (4.5mm) knitting needles
Yarn sewing needle

Gauge (tension)
20 sts and 25 rows in stockinette
(stocking) stitch to a 4-in (10-cm)
square on US 7 (4.5mm) needles.

The finished hat measures approx.
20in (50cm) circumference and 7½ in
(19cm) high.

Posted by Ryland Peters & Small Published See Ryland Peters & Small's 148 projects » © 2024 Fiona Goble / Ryland Peters & Small · Reproduced with permission. · BEANIES & BOBBLE HATS by FIONA GOBLE, published by CICO Books (£12.99) Photos © TERRY BENSON
  • Step 1

    For the turban
    Cast on 102 sts.
    Beg with a p row (RS), work 7 rows in
    rev st st.
    Beg with a p row, work 3 rows in st st.
    Beg with a p row, work 5 rows in rev
    st st.
    Rep the last 8 rows, 3 times more.
    Beg with a p row, work 11 rows in st st.
    Row 51: K7, [sk2po, k14] 5 times,
    sk2po, k7. (90 sts)
    Row 52: Purl.
    Row 53: K6, [sk2po, k12] 5 times,
    sk2po, k6. (78 sts)
    Row 54: Purl.
    Row 55: K5, [sk2po, k10] 5 times,
    sk2po, k5. (66 sts)
    Row 56: Purl.
    Row 57: K4, [sk2po, k8] 5 times,
    sk2po, k4. (54 sts)
    Row 58: Purl.
    Row 59: K3, [sk2po, k6] 5 times,
    sk2po, k3. (42 sts)
    Row 60: Purl.
    Row 61: K2, [sk2po, k4] 5 times,
    sk2po, k2. (30 sts)
    Row 62: Purl.
    Row 63: K1, [sk2po, k2] 5 times,
    sk2po, k1. (18 sts)
    Row 64: [P2tog] to end. (9 sts)
    Break yarn, thread it through rem sts,
    and pull up securely.

  • Step 2

    For the turban band
    Cast on 9 sts.
    Beg with a k row, work 20 rows in st st.
    Bind (cast) off.

  • Step 3

    To make up
    Sew the back seam using mattress stitch.
    With the RS facing out, oversew the top short end of the turban band to the center of the hat, just after the last row of reverse stockinette (stocking) stitch.
    Oversew the other end to the underside of the hat, in the same place. Weave in all loose ends.

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