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Nice trays for nice people :)
I found the how-to for the tray on Design*Sponge. Instead of using a douple glass picture frame, I bought a regular picture frame in a thrift store. I made sure that the back would last even when heavy thing were put on the tray.

The fabric with the elephants I've had for a while, never knowing what to use it for. I think this is what it was made to be :)

This is what I did:

1) I removed what was in the frame
2) I cleaned the frame
3) I drilled two holes on each side for the handles
4) I put the fabric in the frame
5)I nailed the back on the frame
6) I screwed on the handles
7) I put tape on the nails, so they didn't look ugly
8) To prevent the tray from scratching tables, I glued on slices of the wine cork on each corner

9) I wrapped it :)

Oh.. yeah, and along the way I tested the strength of the tray. Imagine having a beautiful glass jug filled with juice on the tray, and then it breaks... That shouldn't happen!
Weak tray = more nails :)

This was a christmas present for my boyfriend's sister and her boyfriend.

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Saritha Z.
Saritha Z. · Soest, Utrecht, NL · 12 projects
this is such a great idea!

question though: so the top of the tray is glass, right? and underneath is the fabric and underneath that there might be some wooden plank?
Tofu Kitty
Tofu Kitty · Ottawa, Ontario, CA · 14 projects
I love this, it's such a great idea! Thanks for posting Happy
KT · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 12 projects
Wow! This is a neat idea!

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