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'Glycerine' not included. XD
I found this 'Bush' Band t-shirt at a re-sale/vintage store a year ago. I about peed myself cuz i love this band! I loved the back print the most.
PROBLEM: It's real old from 1994, was 2 sizes too big, and the person that owned it before must've never used fabric softner cuz the fabric was real tough & uncomfortable. Its also this weird color, im guessing its faded too. So basically i'm sayin it had problems...& i never wore it. lol So, i fixed it! Muhaaha!

SOLUTION: I cut the sides off to make it fit me, sewed back together. Then i cut the neck out to make it a big scoop neck, to wear off the shoulder too. And i cut the sleeves in 3 slits.
Then i distressed it more; making holes on the front, and in lines on the back (to show off the back print i loved so much). I used an exacto knife for that, neat technique. Distressing it also made the fabric softer somehow & more comfortable.
Now i can wear it! XD YAY!
If u have any questions, ask. ^_^

***UPDATE: I wore this shirt to see Bush in concert (oct 2011), i never thought that would ever happen. And i got to hug and mosh with Gavin Rossdale in it!! Best moment ever, i was so proud that i found & made this now.***

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Megan B.
Megan B. · Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US · 18 projects
that is so amazing!!! Bush is killer live. you got to hug gavin? so jealous!!!
DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
Yes they are! Definetly the best concert ive been to. lol Gavin was super nice.
DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
Yes They are on tour again! I just bought tickets to see them in Oct. in Ohio.... I'm so freakin excited.
I pretty sure im wearin this shirt too. lol
Andrea · Austin, Texas, US · 45 projects
i love them- too bad mr. rossdale's solo album was just eeeh. A friend told me they're on tour again?

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