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Make an LA inspired food container in #AroundTheWorldIn80Crafts with Kepi in Los Angeles, California.

I love living in Los Angeles, because it allows me to take advantage of the nice weather and attend a lot of outdoor events, and have many opportunities for picnics (outdoor movie nights, beach trips, enjoying parks and gardens, museums, wineries, Concerts in the Park, etc.). You can make these cute Los Angeles themed food containers to use for a variety of L.A. inspired meals. Two salads that would be easy to transport and great for Summer picnics are Cobb Salad and a Copycat version of Mendocino Farms' Curried Couscous (links to recipes below). Make these salads with a couple of delicious sandwiches, and pair with a bottle of wine or beverage of your choice.

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I would love to visit Scotland and try some of their local food (except haggis). My Grandmother was born there, so it would be nice to see where she came from. Also, I love the bagpipes, they touch my soul.

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