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We're one week in to the Fringe Festival here in Edinburgh and we've been running from venue to venue, trying to see as many previews and shows as possible to bring you our top recommendations for hilarious, creative and awesome shows while there's still time (and hopefully tickets) to catch them!


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Website: https://www.edfringe.com

Hot Brown Honey

Aug 8-14, 16-21, 23-28, Assembly Roxy (Venue 139) ​£15 - find tickets here

Sassy, political and bold - we caught Hot Brown Honey at the Edinburgh Festivals Magazine launch party where they stole the show with their head thrashing, beat boxing and break dancing performance of Don't Touch My Hair which left us wanting to see more.

Katherine Ryan

Aug 8-13 at The Stand Comedy Club 5 & 6 (Venue 319)

After rising to fame as a regular guest on TV panel shows, Canadian born Katherine Ryan was the highlight of our Fringe last year with her witty, cute and sold-out show Kathbum. Returning with Work In Progress, we've got high hopes for her to be crowned Queen Of The Fringe 2016!

Fern Brady

Aug 8-14, 16-28 at The Stand Comedy Club 2 (Venue 5). £9 - find tickets here

Though short, Fern Brady's performance left a lasting impression during her 5 minute slot at The Stand preview. Instead of going to music festivals during the summer, she loves to go on and off of her medication for fun. She's honest, witty and sweet - like the car crash of a best friend you can't resist but love.

John Hastings

Aug 8-14, 16-29 at Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33). £9
- find tickets here
Our favourite Canadian comedian, we've been loyally following John Hastings at the Fringe for the past few years, from hosting Late & Live to his free podcast recordings. This year he's back with his show Integrity and at just £9 a ticket, we'd recommend catching him now before he's the next sold-out big thing.


Aug 9-14, 16-21 at Assembly Hall. £17.50 - find tickets here

Forget The Lady Boys of Bangkok, we're sure that Briefs (the male version of Hot Brown Honey) is where it's at this year, after catching a glimpse of their their high-heeled, glittering and acrobatic show at the Assembly Gala.

Camille O'Sullivan

Aug 4th - 22nd at Underbelly Circus Hub. £18.00 - find tickets here.

With a performance worthy of any concert venue, we're not sure why Camille O'Sullivan isn't a huge star already, but we're sure she will be. Offering cabaret, singing and a whole lot more, The Carny Dream is one show we don't want to miss!

Toyland Murders

Aug 8-9, 11-16, 18-23, 25-28 at Bedlam Theatre (Venue 49). £9 - find tickets here!

If you've still got a soft spot in your heart for cuddly toys and love a good crime drama, then the Toyland Murders might be the perfect combination. We laughed our way through a scene with an unsure deputy bear interrogating a street-wise snake during The Bedlam launch and immediately added it to the to-see list.

Shappi Khorsandi

Aug 8-14, 16-28 at The Stand Comedy Club (Venue 5). £12 - find tickets here!

5 minutes of Shappi Khorsandi was all it took to bring tears of laughter to our eyes at The Stand preview, with hilarious impressions of her Country File watching English gentleman son arguing with her fiery Iranian old-lady-esque daughter. Catch her show Oh My Country! From Morris Dancing to Morrissey to see it for yourself!

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