I'm from Houston, Texas and moved out to Los Angeles for college, and I have been living here since. I work at an animation studio called Wild Canary, where I get to design cute aliens and travel the universe on a scifi adventure show. In my spare time, I like to go sketching, paint with my plein air group, dancing, trying new restaurants, and taking naps. I'm really good at naps.

Have you always been creative and artistic?

I've always liked to draw since I was little, and in grade school I was the "class artist." I'm very lucky to still be able to draw every day and get paid for it.

How would you describe the style of your work?

I feel like I haven't quite developed a style I'm very happy with, but then, when are artists ever happy with their work? I enjoy drawing characters, especially girls. I gravitate toward capturing characters who are cute, stylish, playful, and sometimes sassy!

What’s in your pencil case and what’s your favorite tool?

I'm currently really into brush pens and love using them when I'm out cafe sketching and recently started using them for figure drawing. They're fun and very quick.

Who is your favorite superhero?

I'll confess I wasn't into superheros growing up. I was more into Disney characters and princesses. I will say that Crafterella is the first superhero I've ever illustrated! :)

If you could have one super power what would it be?


Where do you look for inspiration?

The internet by far. There's always a new artist to discover on Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook etc. I always feel inspired from watching movies and going to art shows. I like collecting the "Art of Books" from animated movies and using them as reference. I also can't forget my super talented artist friend... now to steal their secrets....

Who are your favorite artists or comic book authors?

I couldn't possibly name them all, but Cory Loftis, Helen Chen, Shiyoon Kim, Robert Valley, Annette Marnat, Nico Marlet, and Dice Tsutsumi are a few of many!

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Kaiena J.
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