I am an illustrator and designer from England. I studied Illustration across the pond at Ringling College of Art and Design, Florida, and now I'm back in the UK working as a freelance illustrator and Etsy seller. I specialise in pattern design and cute illustrations, and sell greeting cards in my Etsy shop AbbiLauraDesigns!

I post my work regularly on my instagram @artofabbilaura, so that's the best place to go if you want a better picture of what I do!

Have you always been creative and artistic?

Yep, pretty much since I was old enough to hold a pen! Apparently I used to draw upside down faces on my knees so that they would look the right way 'round to other people.

Although my specific artistic field has changed a lot over the years (from Fine Art to Fashion to Animation to Illustration to Pattern...), creativity has always been a constant in my life. I couldn't imagine not doing something arty and creative everyday.

How would you describe the style of your work?

The word that comes to mind most is 'soft'. I create art to make myself and others happy, so usually there's a warm, soft atmosphere to my illustrations. As for my patterns, I think what stands out most is my use of colour, which is gentle but cheerful. I hope my work is cute!

What’s in your pencil case and what’s your favorite tool?

My pencil case is full of Posca Pens right now because I just recently discovered how great they are to write and draw with! But, as a generally digital artist, my favourite tool is my iPad. I have trouble sitting up at a desk for long periods of time, so my iPad and the drawing apps I have on there allow me to draw and design patterns from somewhere more comfortable. It's also great to be able to take it with me when I go places, as I've never liked sketching with real pencils in an actual sketchbook!

Who is your favorite superhero?

Aesthetically speaking, I would have to say Faith Herbert aka Zephyr. I was just so excited to see a fat female superhero! My roommate bought some of the comics for me, and I love the art.

If you could have one super power what would it be?

This is a tough question. A lot of people have said some sort of control over time, and that would be nice... but I also think the ability to see into the future would be good, provided the future looks good!

Where do you look for inspiration?

In all the things I love. My dogs, my family, favourite artists, favourite books and films, food, nature, music... if none of those work, then google images!

Who are your favorite artists or comic book authors?

I'm a big fan of Steven Universe, so Rebecca Sugar and the whole team are high on my list of favourites. I also can't not mention the artists and designers I went to Ringling with - I really think we were all each others' biggest fans!

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