Come behind the scenes at Infarrantly Creative for a #CraftRoomTour and see Beckie's craft studio in Pickerington, Ohio.

I love my craft table, which is a generous 40 square feet. I refer to it as my craft island! There's plenty of space for crafting with my kids or gathering with friends for a craft night. I love opening my home up to others so this is very important to me.

Tell us about your space

My craft space is actually comprised of two rooms in our downstairs that were originally a formal dining room and living room, both which our family did not need. I am all about making your home fit your needs so it made sense for us to convert the space to my craft studio. My kids also spend a lot of time in their crafting and have designated baskets and bins containing their art supplies.

What have you done to make your space cosy, beautiful or inspiring?

Honestly, I have poured so much of myself into the space. I spent time carefully considering every aspect of the room and had a hand in creating almost everything in it, from my craft table to the hidden paint storage door to the cabinets.

I love being surrounded by color, pattern, and even a little quirk and have included those elements in my studio. My IKEA bookcase hack with colorful drawer fronts and mismatched knobs and handles is just one example. I can't help but feel inspired in the space.

How do you keep organized?

I am a huge fan of hidden storage. In our previous home, I spent four months building floor-to-ceiling cabinets. It was truly a labor of love! In this house, I opted to save time by using IKEA cabinets and giving them a custom look. The cabinets are filled with plastic bins that are all labeled with what is inside.

While the cabinets hold the bulk of my crafting supplies, I have other organizational pieces that I have created throughout the space. These include a paint storage door that conceals my ironing board and cutting mats, an IKEA cabinet that I turned into multi-drawer storage, and the cubby shelves on my craft table.

Any tips & tricks for organising supplies?

Label, label, label! When it comes to organization, I am a label maniac.

Also, consider how much you use an item when determining how to store it. While I do love hidden storage, there are some tools and supplies I use all the time, like my scissors, paint brushes, hot glue gun, etc. I love having these items readily available in the lazy Susan art caddies that sit on my craft table.

Which are your favourite possessions and are there any of your own creations on display?

I love being able to create custom, meaningful decor so my home is filled with my own creations! I only have a couple of items that are on display right now in my studio - a sign and a clock that I made and a piece of inspirational metal artwork that was bought for me in another country.

I have a large wall that is still blank; however, I am not in a hurry to fill it. I'd rather wait for inspiration than buy or make something just for the sake of filling a wall. However, I can pretty much guarantee whatever does go up there will be something I create!

How do you organise your inspiration and ideas?

Pinterest certainly comes in handy for organizing inspiration and ideas I find online. I have a secret board where I store them. I am still old school though and love magazines and am constantly clipping from them. I have a file where I store ideas.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Honestly, I always start with a need when designing a space. I think about how it will function for my family and go from there.

I also want my home to be a reflection of our family. Therefore, I strive to create pieces that are meaningful and that I truly love. I never want to create something just for the sake of making it or filling an empty wall. I want to look around and smile as I think about the story or idea behind each piece in my home.

If you had three wishes, what would you do to make it the dream space?

The creative process can certainly get messy and I don't enjoy cleaning so my dream craft studio would be self-cleaning! My studio is located to the right when you walk in our front door so it's one of the first impressions people have when they walk in the house. I would love for my studio to look spotless all the time!

Honestly, there's not much I would change about it. That's the beauty of completely customizing a space. There are a couple of features in the room that I don't love and wouldn't mind changing, but they aren't a priority right now. For example, there are awkward cutouts on both sides of the opening between the two rooms that make up my studio. While they worked for a formal dining room and living room, they don't fit my eclectic style and more modern space.

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