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In celebration of the new Nespresso Prodigio, a coffee machine you can control with your phone, we were invited to an amazing five course sensory dining experience by Currys at the G&V Royal Mile Hotel in Edinburgh. Inspired by the evening, we've whipped up the fastest and easiest Espresso Martini recipe for #CraftyInTheCity.


Address: G&V Royal Mile Hotel Edinburgh
Phone: -
Website: http://techtalk.currys.co.uk/kitchen-home/nespresso-prodigio-event

We were lucky enough to be invited to the Nespresso Sensory Dining Experience with #CoffeewithCurrys and Joe Blogs at the G&V Royal Mile Hotel in Edinburgh.

Img 8834

Joined by fellow bloggers Miss Vicky Viola (who also has a Figaro, in grey) and Gary from Edinblogger, we were taken on a tour of Nespresso through the decades and the pros and cons of each machine.

Img 1295

It was then time for dinner and we were lead through to the dining room where blindfolds were waiting for us.

The first course was a taste test, so with blindfolds in place, our starter was served as we tried our best not to make a mess.

Not knowing what we were eating was a little daunting and I'd guessed it was some kind of cold ravioli until I removed my blindfold to find buffalo mozzarella with a coffee bean jus.

Img 1301 animation

Each of the five courses were made with Nespresso, including a coffee risotto, fish or meat served with coffee custard triangles, a Nespresso panna cotta for dessert and coffee truffles to finish.

Img 1304

After dinner, we were treated to cocktails and there was a raffle where we won a Nespresso coffee maker for sharing the best tweet.

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