Kelly from Amourtera gives her friend Paige a makeover for this week's #MakeoverMonday.

She is effortlessly put together all the time; no one has urban streetwear down like Paige does. Besides having the most beautiful hair of all time, she knows how to style it to reach maximum potential. From letting it down to the double buns she ties on each side of her head- it's always looking popping.

Classic Look

Paige's classic look was so simple to create. It took no more than 10 minutes- which makes sense, because as college students we don't have a lot of extra time in the mornings. Paige's signature is her eyeliner, which provides just enough definition to make her look wide awake and ready for the day.


I chose Paige to give a makeover because she's awesome. Normally, all I see is her everyday classic look- so I thought this would be a great opportunity to push some boundaries and try something really new!

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