The Bitter Truth

We've been experimenting with Violet Liqueur from The Bitter Truth for today's #CocktailHour and mixing up a Violet & Elderflower Gimlet, Parma Violet Flip and a gorgeous rosebud topped Violet & Poppy Seed Bundt Cake.

Classic: Violet & Elderflower Gimlet

Tempting and sweet, this classic gimlet combines gin or vodka with Violet Liqueur and Elderflower Cordial.

Twist: Violet & Poppy Seed Bundt Cake

This dark poppy seed bundt cake is infused with The Bitter Truth and drizzled in Violet Liqueur icing giving it a gorgeous blue contrast to the rosebuds that sit on top.

Unique: Parma Violet Flip

This candy shop inspired flip combines Violet Liqueur with gin, lemon and an egg white.

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