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Make a Miniature Mixed Media Artwork in #ShopShowcase with The Art Rooms Professional Art Supplies in Havre de Grace, Maryland.

How did you get started?

The Art Rooms began its life in Effort, Pennsylvania in 2000 as the music and recording studio Paul J. Howshall, Jazz Trumpeter and Composer and the art studio of Liz Arango-Howshall, Visual Artist. Both studios were open for art classes, workshops, recording studio and as a gallery. Years after relocating to Maryland we decided to take the leap and open a brick and mortar and during October of 2007 The Art Rooms Professional Art Supplies opened its doors to the public. Our first location was not the best; it was only a 700 sq. ft location offering art supplies. Art workshops and classes were held in my home art studio and at our local Maritime Museum. In 2012 we were able to secure a much larger location with space for the store, art gallery, and classroom.

Where are you located?

The Art Rooms Professional Art Supplies is located in Havre de Grace, Harford County which is a small quiet town by the Chesapeake Bay. Actually where the Susquehanna River and the bay meets. A wonderful small town that is perfect for artists! The Art Rooms Professional Art Supplies address is 116 North Washington Street, Havre de Grace, Maryland. Our phone number is 410-939-6424.

Which products do you specialise in?

Our specialty is art materials and we carry a wonderful selection of paints, pastels, charcoal, markers, graphite, mediums, brushes, painting accessories, paper, art studio furniture, how-to-books, mat boards, pre-cut mats and frames.

Do you have a particular favorite product that you sell?

There are so many, but, one that stands out is Rives Paper. A wonderful 100% rag paper which I have a nickname for ...."The sexy paper"! Why? Well, because is like touching velvet. Can you believe that we have students from our local college that will come in to The Art Rooms and ask for a sheet of "sexy paper"! Oh gosh, what have I done! Rives paper is use by print makers. I use it for mixed media and watercolor work.

What's on the stereo?

Jazz of course, "Eclecticity"! Think of stuff that is eclectic and in a city so, this would equal to "Eclecticity", by The Paul Howshall Quartet.

Where else should we visit in your area?

Havre de Grace is home to 4 museums, a small lighthouse and a wonderful one mile boardwalk by the river (we call this the Promenade). We also have two small galleries and number of great restaurants. Havre de Grace is a French town and the town even has a Bourbon Street and celebrates Mardi gras with a great Parade! Havre de Grace has a diversified community and we celebrate anything and everything!

Do you host any workshops, classes or special events?

Yes we do and they are scheduled six months in advance. We work with numerous artists and art educators to teach workshops and classes for children and adults that are geared for beginners and professional artists.

I have designed and implemented two annual public art events "The Art's in Literature Program" combines the love of writing and drawing and anyone can enter. It is judged and winners receive wonderful gifts.

Our second program, “The Town goes to the Dogs & Cat” is a fundraising event that benefits our local humane society. It is co-sponsored by many of our art material's manufacturers, our local restaurants and local community college.

Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

Well, if you come into The Art Rooms you will be greeted by our four legged store manager, Shelby Howshall. She is a shelter rescue girl who has been with The Art Rooms for 8 years now!

On a more serious note, I would love to tell the public to support their local art supply stores. They are generally owned and run by artists who know their art materials and can honestly assist in selecting your own materials. Your independently owned art supply store will offer so much more than the typical craft & art chain stores, or the on-line web art retailers. The independent art retailer offers its customers personalized support such as showing and selling their artwork, the opportunity to teach a class, to learn, and the opportunity to network with professionals in the industry.

Do you have a favorite craft, art or supply shop in your town that we should feature? Send us a message!




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