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Mixed Media Art Project
The Art Rooms Professional Art Supplies would like to share with you a wonderful mixed media project that will enable you to create miniature works of art!

Posted by The Art Rooms Professional Art Supplies from Havre de Grace, Maryland, United States • Published

  • Step 1

    The supplies are limited and can be purchased at local art materials store:

    1. One tube of Daniel Smith Watercolor
    2. One or two sticks of Soft Pastels that will compliment the color of your watercolor paint.
    3. Golden Molding Paste
    4. Golden Gesso
    4. Canson Cold Press Illustration Board
    5. Pencil
    6. Palette Knife
    7. X-Acto Knife
    8. Sakura Micron

  • Step 2

    • Using a ruler or T-square with a pencil measure illustration board to 5x7 or smaller squares and using an X-acto Knife cut out the squares.

    • Apply one coat of gesso and let it dry.

    • Plan ahead, you may want to leave areas plain without any Golden Molding Paste. Use these areas for a mini drawing or perhaps to paste a cut out of a photograph.

    • With palette knife apply Golden Molding Paste. Get creative and apply it heavy to enable you to make swirls or any desire designs. You can also press into the molding paste organic materials or even buttons.

    • Let the Golden Molding Paste dry. Once it is dry it will be hard to the touch.

    • Mix a small amount of Daniel Smith watercolor with a bit of water and apply to the surface that has the application of the Golden Molding Paste. Let your watercolor dry.

    • Now, is the time to use your soft pastel! Gently rub on the soft pastel which will adhere to the peeks and swirls.

    • Finally, on the untouched area, whether is a circle or square you can draw a miniature design with your Sakura Micron Pen or you may chose to simply add a small smooth amount of Golden Molding Paste in the area to paste a photograph or any cut out paper you wish.

  • Step 3

    Mixed Media Demo

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