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Learn how-to bake Mömmukökur cookies in #AroundTheWorldIn80Dishes with Karen in Flateyri, Iceland.

I have gotten into baking and cooking since I have lived in Reykjavik and other places in Iceland. They are very proud of their food traditions. To outsiders they may seem strange and some of them are, sheeps testicles, putrified shark! Being an island nation, a lot of their dishes are fish based and one of my faves is plokkfiskur, which is potatoes, haddock, or cod will do, all mashed together with white onion. It's not the fanciest of dishes, but it's one of those comfort foods you grow to love and becomes a go to dish.

Travel Wishlist:

I haven't been on a holiday in a while and Iceland being so far from everywhere, food options sometimes feel limited, I would love to travel to India and have some Indian food. I love butter chicken and garlic naans and can imagine how good they would be straight from India.

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