We're experimenting with Strawberry Milkshake & Twisted Melon vodka from ODDKA in this week's Cocktail Hour and cooling down with a Strawberry Hard Shake, Watermelon Shave Ice and Strawberry Shortcake Flip.

Classic: Strawberry Hard Shake

This shake may look small and cute but it combines fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream and soya milk with ODDKA Strawberry Milkshake vodka for a hard drink that packs a punch.

Twist: Watermelon Shave Ice

Cool down in the summer heat with a watermelon shave ice and this grown-up version is drizzled with homemade syrup infused with ODDKA's Twisted Melon vodka.

Unique: Strawberry Shortcake Flip

An creamy dessert cocktail inspired by a strawberry shortcake, this flip combines ODDKA Stawberry Milkshake vodka with advocaat, amaretto and fresh strawberries.

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