Layla from Bellisima Lolita Makeup recreates the look of actress Chloë Moretz and gives her a sultry colourful makeover.

I love how she can rock and pull of a smokey eye without even trying! She even seems to like a bit of grungy makeup and I love that too. I'd like to give her a makeover to play on her features and try something I haven't seen her wear makeup-wise.

Classic Look

I think her style is subtle but eye catching. She doesn't wear much, her skin looks perfect but not caked on so she looks "naturally" flawless. Insert smokey eyes and it suits her features and age without being too much. I love how youthful she manages to look even WITH the smokey eye.


It's still smokey and a bit grungy but it's inspired by Galliano and Tribal makeup so I've taken it into the realm of avant garde. There's punches of bold colours but still a bit of darkness. Pair this with an edgy hairstyle and outfit, play with the lighting a bit and an experienced photographer can make an awesome editorial masterpiece of this look.

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