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Yum, these salted caramel ice cream cake shots sound amazing!
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This would be so handy for your craft desk!

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How adorable are these carrot cat macarons?!
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This Lego block piñata would be so great for a birthday party.
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Show your love with these heart braided friendship bracelet!

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These frozen yogurt and fruit lollipops make the perfect summer treat!
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Wild Jewellery by Sarah Drew will show you how to turn natural found objects and wild materials in to gorgeous jewellery.

We've got three copies of the book up for grabs along three sample recipes including silver chain making, riveting and resin beads. 

Win A Copy Of The Book

For your chance of winning, simply leave a comment below telling us which natural materials you'd like to turn in to jewellery?

Congratulations to Swag Stylez, Kim T and TNTish.


Silver Chain MakingRivetingResin Beads

You can pick up a copy of the book now from Amazon now »

Here's a super cute how-to for painting hearts on your nails.
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Here's another great tutorial for making shoe clips!

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