Hi there,

I am kind of new on this site, but I absolutely love it since the first day I saw it. I have made 1 version of the magazinebowl and ever since then, I have been working with magazines. I posted the magazine photo frame and now I'm buzy with another magazineproject.
I had been thinking about buying such a bowl at the 'world shop', but it is way too expensive! I have loved making things all my life. A was a very creative kid and I like to think that I'm still very creative.
I LOVE photography and making stuff. And even though I did, what we call, VWO (pre university education, I'm from Holland, don't know how else to say that) I would love to do somehting else than a university study.

It is very rainy here.. Doesn't really matter though, cause I'll keep myself (and my sister, who runs away scared if I call here name, afraid she has to make something haha) buzy all the time!

Lots of love 'nd kisses!





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